HAMICO & I My "stay at home" story - Episode 1

We connected with the amazing Jennifer Hunter, the founder of  Jennifer Hunter Design, a boutique residential interior design firm based in New York City. Her work can be described as "glamorous and eclectic, yet relaxed." She has recently launched the Spring 2020 Collection of her offshoot brand, a hairpiece collection inspired by interior design textiles. She will be donating all proceeds to Mount Sinai to help purchase PPE for front-liners. Yes, she managed to do all of this in the middle of a pandemic! 
She shared with us how she navigates her life as a working mom while prioritizing her family time and setting an example for her two girls. We've also asked her to kindly share how we could together cope with the current situation of the world as well as her advice for her other fellow moms. 
And of course....her experience with HAMICO 💛

Please read on to learn more about Jennifer and her family below!

 1. Please introduce yourself and your family! 
Hi, I am Jennifer Hunter! I am a mom to two little girls, Hadley and Elle, and an interior designer based in New York City.

 2. Where do you call home and what's your neighborhood like?
We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  We love it up here as there are a lot of young families and our go-to neighborhood jaunts, but the best part is the proximity to Central Park.

 3. How are you spending time with your kids these days? Would you like to share your (their) favorite activities?
Keeping them busy in close quarters isn't the easiest, but we have been baking, crafting, and taking walks to Central Park.

 4. Is there a creative or challenging project you're currently working on? If so, what inspired you to start this process? 
I am currently working on an offshoot of Jennifer Hunter Design, which is a hair collection based on and inspired by interior design textiles.  I just launched my spring collection in the middle of the pandemic and decided to donate proceeds to Mount Sinai to help purchase PEE for frontliners.

 5. Could you tell us what motivates you to get up every morning? (Besides coffee!)
Well I am usually woken up before the sun even rises by my girls.  Their energy and determination definitely motivates.  I want to set a good example of a working mama!

 6. Do you have any advice for other moms out there to get through this tough wave we're riding together? 
Just try and take it day by day; if you try to look at the bigger picture it can be super overwhelming.  We are all in the same boat and I stand in solidarity with any mom out there who has moments of frustration.  I'm trying to find the silver lining in this and think of the quality time we get to spend as a family.  If I was at work I wouldn't get to see my children reach certain milestones.  There will probably never be another time in our lives quite like this.

 7. What was your experience like using a HAMICO toothbrush? Feel free to be honest lol :) 
We love HAMICO! Not only are the designs super cute, but the ergonomics are awesome.  My 10 month old is able to grab the ring part easily while we guide brushing her 2 little teeth!

 8. Did your kids enjoy using BABY HAMICO and did they continue to use it?
Yes, sure did!  My toddler actually asks to brush her teeth everyday since using HAMICO!

 9. Have you ever struggled with brushing your baby's teeth? If so, do you mind sharing about it? 
Yes we have and do.  My toddler likes being independent so she wants to brush her own teeth, which isn't very effective.  We usually try to go in for a few seconds after she does and re-brush.  

 10. What are your favorite BABY HAMICO features?
The adorable patterns and shapes of the toothbrushes.

 11. Anything else you want to share with HAMICO customers?
Love how  HAMICO toothbrushes are designed specifically for the baby’s stage in their developmental process--genius!

Photography by Jennifer Hunger @jenniferbeekhunter