All of our toothbrushes are BPA free, FDA approved, dentist-designed and come with both ergonomic handles and innovative bristle technology.

Children and Safety

HAMICO was born out of a concern for infant dental care and habits. After extensive research into pediatric dental standards and available toothbrush options, HAMICO founder, Ms. Sato realized that the quality of dental care options for infants and toddlers was essentially non-existent.

HAMICO’s dentist-designed wide-handle baby toothbrush is not only designed so baby can learn to grasp a toothbrush on their own, but also so baby does not insert the toothbrush too far into their mouth, causing memorable pain and possible injury. The brush head and soft bristles are also created specifically around a baby’s mouth taking into account that it will have more gum area than teeth and is actively growing new teeth every day. While there are libraries full of child development research, there is still not a lot of information available about children’s dental hygiene. We’ve designed our toothbrushes around a child’s size, growth pattern and habit development. Having a toothbrush they are able to use on their own, in fun and bright colors allow all children to develop their daily routine more easily - setting them up for a lifetime of good habits.

Made in Japan

100% Quality Control

All of our HAMICO products are made in hygienic facilities in Japan with the highest standards of cleanliness and quality control. 
We source our materials from trusted vendors whose standards equal ours. ​Before any workers enter the factory, they’re required to wear full lab uniforms and pass through a disinfecting station in order not to bring in any outside germs.