From infants to adults, HAMICO toothbrushes are designed with you in mind. From the dentist-designed innovative bristles that are soft of your gums to the ergonomic handles, BPA free materials, and creative designs - we think your daily routine deserves an upgrade, don’t you?

Founder's Story

The first half of Yuko Sato’s career was spent working at a TV station as a journalist in Japan before diving into the dentistry world. Indeed an uncommon transition in careers, but along with her journalism background came an inquisitive spirit and a sense of curiosity.
After marrying into a family in the dental industry, Yuko couldn’t help but question the industry, just like her previous career had trained her to do for so many years.

-Why weren’t there special toothbrushes for babies proportionate to their size and sensitive to their special needs?

-Why were adults in this day and age still settling for a toothbrush that wasn’t able to fully clean their teeth?

-Why aren’t dentists explicitly communicating the severe consequences that come along with improperly brushing your teeth like delayed speech in children to hyperesthesia in adults? 

Yuko had a new assignment, and this time it was personal. After conducting extensive research ranging from the history of the toothbrush to the pediatric dental standards to the consumer sales process, Yuko was determined to make this daily ritual a better experience for all.

In 2017, HAMICO Baby was born and within just 2 years the newly designed toothbrush for infants had sold 2 million units in Japan without a penny spent on advertising. Taking this as a sign that consumers did indeed want an ergonomically designed and more effective toothbrush, HAMICO then developed the kids and adult toothbrushes as well. HAMICO’s line of toothbrushes for the entire family features 3 different sizes and over 20 different colorful designs because after all, shouldn’t something you have to do every day be both effective and fun?!