​World's Safest ToothbrushFor Your Baby

A baby's gums are soft and can get scratched easily, especially by toothbrushes with hard bristles. That's why we made the world's safest baby toothbrush with soft, rounded bristles that won't damage baby gums. We also made the toothbrush have a extra-wide handle for easy grip and to prevent any risks of choking.


​1. Easy-to-Hold Wide Handle

Let the baby hold & play with the HAMICO toothbrush to become familiar with the idea of brushing.
The handle is extra-wide to prevent choking risks and is easy for babies to hold.

​2. Baby Sized Head

Help guide the brush gently between your baby's teeth & gums at a 90 degree angle.
The toothbrush head is small sized and has short bristles that fit comfortably in the mouth, easily reaching teeth & gums.

​3. Soft, Rounded Bristles

Brush softly to prevent damage to delicate gums.
​The brush contains soft rounded bristles that are gentle on the baby's teeth and delicate gums.

4. Keep Your Brush Clean

After brushing, clean thoroughly with water & dry.
For effective & sanitary brushing, please replace toothbrush every month.