BABY HAMICO - Travel Case



Designed for your Baby Hamico toothbrush

Specifically Designed for BABY HAMICO Toothbrush
  • Ventilated for great air-flow
  • Fits well for easy traveling

Healthy Smiles Start Here!​

Everything a baby does during their infant years is part of their developmental process.  From learning to hold their own bottle to taking their first steps, babies are in a state of constant learning. But for years, the process of brushing their teeth exclusively depended on their parents since babies couldn’t hold the oversized and potentially dangerous toothbrush by themselves. The HAMICO Baby toothbrush is designed specifically for the baby’s stage in their developmental process - because, shouldn’t it be?!  Featuring a rounded handle they can more easily grip, as well as a smaller brush head proportionate to their mouth size and extra soft bristles making it painless and fun while they learn to establish the daily habit. 



Did you know that 25% of babies experience toothbrush injury? Babies’ gums are soft and easily scratched, especially by toothbrushes with hard bristles. That’s why we made the world’s safest baby toothbrush with soft, rounded bristles that won’t damage baby gums. With an extra-wide handle that prevents choking risks and is easy for babies to hold, HAMICO puts your baby’s safety first. Additionally, our no-peel graphic designs using a special printing technique safeguards against accidental swallowing of printed material. No more worries, only teeth-cleany bliss!


We understand that it’s not always easy to brush your baby’s teeth (to say the least). With BABY HAMICO brushing is now fun, family time! Our extra wide handle is easy for both babies and parents to hold. No more painful scratching of sensitive gums by bristles that are too hard. Our comfortable small size head with soft, rounded bristles maneuvers effortlessly around tiny teeth. Babies naturally like to hold their HAMICO and develop fine motor skills with just a little help from Mom or Dad.

Fun Designs!

HAMICO reached out to some of the US’s most talented designers to create the fun, colorful and unique designs for the baby toothbrush. There are currently 16 designs ranging from mermaids to unicorns and planets to sea animals. Get them a new design each month to ensure that brushing their teeth will always be something they look forward to. 

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