HAMICO - Bulk Pack Set A



New adult hamico bulk set for our avid hamico toothbrush users!

Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush
Brushing teeth is essential to your health so why not make it fun to do with a modern and stylish twist? Consisting of a small compact head, soft bristles, and superior textured and twisted bristle technology HAMICO is both functional and stylish.

  • Our 2 bristle types, one long, super skinny and pointed, the other, with a shorter rounded tip, work in tandem. One cleans the surface, the other penetrates deep into crevices.
  • Each individual bristle is twisted creating a textured surface. This allows the bristle to clean and remove plaque using all surfaces instead of just the tips. 
  • The head of the brush is thin and compact. It reaches deep inside your mouth and allows the move more freely.

- FDA Approved 
- Made in JAPAN 
- Materials
  Handle: Polystyrene 
  Bristle: Saturated polyester resin

Contains: 2 x Drops, 2 x Layers, 2 x Ocean (6 in total)

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