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Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush
Brushing teeth is essential to your health so why not make it fun to do with a modern and stylish twist? Consisting of a small compact head, soft bristles, and superior textured and twisted bristle technology HAMICO is both functional and stylish.

  • Our 2 bristle types, one long, super skinny and pointed, the other, with a shorter rounded tip, work in tandem. One cleans the surface, the other penetrates deep into crevices.
  • Each individual bristle is twisted creating a textured surface. This allows the bristle to clean and remove plaque using all surfaces instead of just the tips. 
  • The head of the brush is thin and compact. It reaches deep inside your mouth and allows the move more freely.

- FDA Approved 
- Made in JAPAN 
- Materials
  Handle: Polystyrene 
  Bristle: Saturated polyester resin

A Toothbrush You’ll Want to Use 

You brush your teeth every day, you’re good at flossing and yet at every dental visit, you’re told you can do better. And then the dentist hands you a toothbrush that is low-quality, mass-produced and ineffective. But you have the chance to stop the cycle! HAMICO Adult toothbrush is designed for ages 8 years old and up and great for people with sensitive teeth, as well as braces and receding gums. The compact head was invented to fit perfectly into your mouth and maneuver around the teeth, which standard large brush heads simply cannot accomplish. The multiple types of bristles; twisted, rounded and pointed, combine to brush and floss at the same time for an ultra-gentle clean better than any other toothbrush out there today, giving sensitive teeth just the right softness they need.  



We have reinvented the toothbrush to bring you Ultra-Gentle cleaning! By collaborating with the team of dentists, we came up with two unique bristle types to clean your teeth more effectively. One is rounded, for surface cleaning and polishing,  and the other is pointy for hard to reach crevices. Our bristles are just the right softness to avoid damaging gums and tooth enamel. And for an extra twist, we did just that! Our twisted bristles provide an additional set of surfaces to scrub and clean for the most hygienic brushing possible. By using Hamico toothbrush, you will experience the best preventative care and
oral hygiene outside of a dental office.


Did you know - if you forcefully brush with coarse bristles, you can damage the surface of your teeth and gums, causing them to be extra sensitive. That’s why HAMICO toothbrushes are made with exceptionally soft-tipped bristles to prevent damage and provide sensitive care. Our bristles are also twisted; when applied with gentle pressure on teeth, they provide flossing action to clean food and plaque from crevices and tight corners of the mouth. HAMICO gives you the most comfortable toothbrushing experience while protecting sensitive teeth and gums every time you brush.


If you suffer from challenging oral problems such as small jaws, receding or sensitive gums, hard to reach molars and other issues, we are here to help you! Our extra soft bristles allow gentle brushing for your sensitive gums and teeth while the gentle flossing-action from our twisted bristles helps to prevent receding gums and periodontal problems. Ergonomically designed, slim handle is easy to hold, making maneuvering around teeth and gums effortless. Teeth in narrow jaws are reached and cleaned painlessly with a small head, without poking and prodding of thick plastic. This also makes HAMICO the best toothbrush for seniors. HAMICO is the solution to powerful yet Ultra-Gentle cleaning for any mouth type with specific oral care needs.


We collaborated with talented artists all over the U.S. to create a toothbrush that bridges the best of both art and technology. Now you can pick a toothbrush that best fits your style while experiencing professional results. Our unique printing technology brings you contemporary designs that don’t wear off or wash away. Whether you’re traveling or at home - let your personality shine!

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