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Kids' grown-up toothbrush they can handle on their own!
KIDS HAMICO encourages children 2 years old and up to regularly brush their teeth on their own helping to prevent early cavities. Kids will stay motivated to brush their teeth with their choice of unique and entertaining designs! From its easy-to-grip handle to the compact head and slim neck, our toothbrush is ergonomically designed by a dentist, just for your little grown-ups.

  • Our soft, round-tip bristles brush effectively without scratching soft gums and teeth. 
  • We offer a variety of kids-friendly designs they will love brushing with, everyday! 
  • Our dentist-designed, teardrop handle is made for a comfortable and easy-grip! 
  • Slimmer neck and compact head helps kids reach molars, tight spaces and hidden spots.

- Safe to Use For Ages: 5 – 24 months 
- FDA Approved 
-Made in JAPAN - Materials: 
 Handle - Saturated polyester resin 
 Bristle - Nylon


Learning to Love Their Daily Routine 

Around 2 years old your child will have a full set of teeth and be eager to do things on their own (“Mom, I can do it!” Sound familiar?) It is also by this age that children begin to develop good hygiene habits that they will carry with them into their teenage years and beyond.  The HAMICO Kids toothbrush is designed to not only be a creative and colorful addition to their daily routine but safe and easy to use as well. With fun and playful designs and an easy to grip handle, the HAMICO Kids toothbrush will be a daily reminder that dental hygiene can be a fun part of their day too! And having a cool toothbrush just like Mom and Dad’s will definitely make them feel pretty special. 

Designed to Grow with Them

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Kids go through dramatic growth spurts each year that you can visibly see from their height to how quickly they grow out of shoes and clothes. But what we don’t often think about is their teeth are actually going through substantial growing pains as well. From their baby teeth coming in, to their adult teeth gradually following is a relatively short amount of time. And during that time kid’s gums go through a considerable amount of change as well, including severe sensitivity. The HAMICO Kids toothbrush has unique soft round-tip bristles that effectively removes plaque without scratching their soft gums and tooth enamel. The handle is ergonomically designed for small hands to grip easily and gain control. Since it’s more comfortable to hold, it’s more likely that brushing will become a daily habit.

Fun Designs!

HAMICO reached out to some of the US’s most talented designers to create the fun, colorful and unique designs for the kids toothbrush. There are currently 8 designs ranging from dinosaurs to robots and forest friends to emojis. Get them a new design each month to ensure that brushing their teeth will always be something they look forward to. 

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